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Better in-store pharmacy experiences, built by industry experts.

Since 1994, the earliest iteration of Health Point was implemented as a kiosk based medical information platform.
Fast forward to 2019, with the advent of emergent digital technologies and edu-marketing hits the health and medicine sector.
Among this market trend, brands seek to reinvigorate the complete pharmacy in store experience- creating the most immersive and engaging customer service, leveraging key features in cloud based technology and marketing – bringing brands, medical information and people together.

What is HealthPoint Digital


Health Information Portal

Provides customers expert information curated by industry and medical professionals

Learning Management System

Empowers staff with latest health and matching product information

Advertising Channel

Connects authentic brands with engaged buyers
Find out how our solution is empowering pharmacists to earn over $10,000 per year just by using HealthPoint Digital.

Welcome to the digital health education revolution.

HealthPoint Digital now provides an interactive platform that engages the entire pharmacy model, including pharmacists, the team and – of course – customers and patients, as we provide thousands of health and medicine related topics in addition to interactive tools for health awareness and promotion.

Our Values



Empower patients to make informed choices using the latest information to improve their health, wellness and quality of life.


To empower every pharmacy team member to provide trustworthy health and wellness advice & To maximise the number of consumers who have access to high quality health information


Good health at your fingertips