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As a customer of health products and services, it’s refreshing the receive completely qualified information from the source – curated by industry experts and medical professionals and delivered by trustworthy, local businesses and practices.
With so much misinformation in the wider marketplace, particularly on the internet where opinion gets muddled with fact – we empower our customers with facts and remedies, direct from the source.


From our background as independent pharmacists, we know that customer service is the key separator in not just business, but relationships.
Being empowered with information from the source, paired with solutions from leading and innovative brands and suppliers who genuinely care about my business and the well-being of our customers aligns with not just business objectives, but also delivering true value to our loyalists in each and every interaction.


To survive and thrive in this pressured supply chain position, as a wholesale distributor – we need to increase efficiency in our marketing communications.
Thanks to HealthPoint Digital, we can take advantage of cutting edge innovations that assist us in navigating the complex, brand dominated space, in a format where we can have direct access to health professionals, their practices and even the opportunity to speak to their customers direct – optimising our operation and enhancing profitability for both us, and our customers.


Top of mind brand awareness is key, particularly as we move into a digital age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to break through the clutter online and in-store.
By having the opportunity to connect with customers that are engaged with a brand in a trustworthy space, we can leverage the opportunity to educate the wider community. Plus, the data generated from brand activities allows us to improve our communications as we strive for continuous improvement at every level of our marketing system.


Everybody deserves good health care, and as a supplier of general heath and wellbeing products, HealthPoint Digital assists in caring for the community by making your products not just accessible, but relevant.
If we embrace new technology and media solutions, and pair with the goal to provide relevant information, suppliers position themselves as a valued and credible source. We’re no longer just an option, but now a recommendation.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join the medical digital education revolution!